Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekly Ramblings...

This blogging is certainly new to me. I am trying to keep something new out here for my few readers.
So this will be my rambling blog report from the last few days.

Last Tuesday I received a text from a friend asking if we would like to be in on their reservation at Restaurant FnB. Well I said yes not even caring what my wife said. This small restaurant is probably my favorite right now. They were even donating a portion of proceeds going to the Kidney Foundation of AZ that night. I jokingly texted that I would donate a kidney if needed.  I even had people on Instagram giving me ideas on what I needed to order.

Here is the menu. Most diners might need to google up what some of these things are, but my thought is just go and eat some of the best veggie-centric dishes you will ever have. We started with the Fried Cauliflower with Fish Sauce Vin, peanuts and mint. Shut the door! So Good! Also we had the Swiss chard falafel and their famous braised leeks with mozzarella and a fried egg on top.

I even took a bite with the egg! Here is a blurry pic, but I did it. I don't eat eggs by the way. My entree here was the pasta with hedgehog mushrooms, dill, roasted lemon and creme fraiche.

I have read peoples comments that say "I am a situational vegetarian. That is as long as Chef Charleen is in charge of the veggie situation". It is so true.

We also had this swiss chard with polenta croutons, parmesan and rosemary, and an order of the spicy grilled broccoli. The friendly gals at the table next to us even gave me a taste of their rutabaga dish! Finished up with this Blood Orange cake. So good! It is a must go if you live here or a plan ahead if you are visiting. I will be back soon FnB.

Jump ahead to The Day of the Purple Brussels Sprout Stalk. Here is my 9" chef knife next to it.
I came home and the Mrs had bought this beauty at a grocery store. I went into food geek mode for a bit and had to take pics and think of what to do with all these sprouts.

I came up with this salad of shaved purple brussels sprouts with lightly marinated kale and beet greens, shaved carrots and small radishes with a Meyer lemon/green garlic vinaigrette. Too strong on the green garlic was the answer from the Mrs. but I thought it was tasty even if this pic looks a little too foofy. Maybe if I was at the beach...

I even had a local chef suggest a different way to cook these sprouts. This is so cool because I have like 2 ways I cook them. Looks like I will be trying my hand at deep frying these very soon!

Forward again to Saturday and I am at the farmers market, like usual. I bought a lot of veggies and fruit (big surprise) and I also found these hidden metallic kachinas I'm guessing. #publicart

But I have a friend who brought up the idea a week or so back that I ought to start a garden.
Now I've got a bit of room in the back yard and I started thinking this was a great idea. No matter what color thumb I may have. I only grow a few herbs now.

So at the farmers market I decided to talk with Carl Seacat of Seacat Gardens. If you haven't met Carl you should. He grows some of the best tomatoes I have ever eaten. He only was selling plants at the market today because his crops are busy growing right now. 

So I now own 3 heirloom tomato plants and 2 sweet pepper plants plus I have a project going on. 

I picked out a spot and assembled this small raised bed and noticed the sunset on one of my trees. How will this all turn out?

I don't know, but I do know this will give me plenty of things to blog about.

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