Monday, February 4, 2013

Coming soon...

The Blog Begins...

Hi I'm Jeff aka El Hefe. I guess Hefe is the nickname I gave myself years ago and it has just stuck. I have an intense love of cooking and food of all types but I am not a chef. My cooking began when I was away at college and eating way too much Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, and Mrs. Stouffer's fantastic frozen entrees. Ugh! I remember asking for a wok as a birthday present one year and I bought a Chinese Cookbook to go along with. I still have it with pages that fall out. This forced me to get into the store and cooking with meats and veggies as well as learning to cook in general. I also had a small hibachi that I would use to grill with. I've been a subscriber to Food & Wine Magazine for many years as well as Cooking Light. I have a large cookbook collection that I love but more recently it's all about Google. All one must do is search and anything you might want to try is just a few clicks away.

I love hitting farmers markets and picking up super fresh, organically grown fruits and veggies. I know that these are much better than supermarket varieties but if needed I will use those as well. It's just a lot of fun going each week and even getting to know the farmers as well as other vendors. Healthy is my key I guess as I have gotten into blending green smoothies as well as juicing over the last 6 months or so. I am sure this has increased my health and wellness many times over as I feel fabulous lately (personal moment).

I guess that I have been heading this way for a while now. I have received varying interest in my instagram posts from people I know as well as online folks that I may or may not ever meet. Several people have commented that I should start a blog, so this is for you.

Disclaimers: I am not a chef. I follow instructions well and I think I have a talent for finding interesting recipes out of a vast sea of so many. Tweaking these recipes and changing up ingredients is fun for me.
Also I am not a writer. I may have been on twitter for over 3 years but that doesn't count and I may revert to 140 spaces at times...
I follow many food bloggers and really respect what they do and I can only try my best so bear with me. I am sure I will plug those that i like. So let's have a little fun and maybe I can help you learn a thing or two that I have picked up.


  1. Yay!! So happy to see you spreading your wings in the blogosphere. Looking forward to seeing what you do with your space!

    1. Thanks Rachael! I'm a little worried how this will turn out but maybe I did ok to start. I was given the push by some real and cyber friends to do it. I think I had a good start with the Instagram cooking fun.