Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Farmers market Saturday

Here's a little look into my trip to the farmers market Saturday..
It  has become my thing these days.

It started a few years ago just due to the fact that I live too darn close to several great markets. The ability to get farm fresh, local produce is so cool I think everyone should do it. I usually hit the market pretty early on a mission for unusual veggies but that's not the only thing there. Old Town Scottsdale is loaded with tourists these days and people watching is hot right now. I even met some friends this week.

There is artwork, pretty flowers and you can just walk around and act like a tourist.

At the market you can get breakfast pastries to go or a hot breakfast made for eating now. I've had a locally made brat on a fabulous roll and lamb chops over hummus on separate occasions before. 

I (and the family) have fallen hard for several local pastas and sauces, BBQ sauces and rubs, pickles, homemade potato chips etc. The list goes on and on. I hope to include a list of my favorites, but I'll get to that later. But for now. Veggies.

Today I bought 3 types of kale, a flowering kale, romanesco, mixed colored carrots and radishes, watermelon radishes, chioggia beets and green garlic. I'm forgetting some others I'm sure.

I get to work when I get home. I've had to teach myself a bit about storing these for use, especially the various greens that I love. They should be cut off quickly because they continue to draw nutrients from whatever root was below ground. Carrot tops seem the
most fragile so use the feathery tops in a salad or sammie at lunch.

Here are my greens wrapped in paper towels and ready to go into plastic bags and into the fridge.
The veggies themselves go into separate bags and into the fridge as well.

After all of that work, I made this nice salad of flowering kale, beet and carrot greens, green garlic, carrot and tomato with a light vinaigrette. Not the best picture but I am hungry for this fitting finish to my farmers market Saturday.

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