Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The odd area of the produce section...

I've written two posts about odd vegetables so one might wonder 'what up with dat'?! What made you want to write about these when there are lots of normal veggies that are perfectly fine and easier to buy. Potatoes, onions, bell peppers and romaine lettuce are normal veggies that most people like. Why not talk about a lighter broccoli rice casserole that has ingredients you can buy at any supermarket? A fresh spin on a Caesar salad? I can't deny all sorts of wonderful dishes can be made with 'normal' veggies.

But I have a bit of an adventurous palate. I like to try new things. I used to only order the Chef's Special when we would go out for dinner. I would hope the Mrs will order something different from me so that I could taste it. I will work through almost every item on a menu at places I frequent.

Maybe this drew me to the far end of the produce section. The area with the chard and kale greens, fennel bulbs, beets and rutabagas. Pretty much where no one usually shops. Items most probably didn't eat as a child. Things I hadn't cooked with. Hmm...

Stuff is a little foreign down there. These aren't always user friendly veggies. You might have to pick through some piles of greens to find the best ones. You will have to use your carrot peeler on some beets or rutabagas. You will have to flex your muscles to cut open a tough winter squash. I have found it an interesting culinary playground and no one will deny the health benefits of eating the rainbow.

This adventurous side has led me to the farmers market where organic and heirloom veggies and fruits live. Enough talk, here's a little recipe for roasted carrots and radishes.

Wash and lightly peel several carrots and cut the radishes in half or smaller if they are big ones. I like to just scrape the carrots lightly with a knife so that you don't peel too much of those colors off.

Lightly olive oil, salt and pepper and season with some sprigs of thyme and rosemary that are super local (from my garden). Place in a 425° oven for 25 minutes until tender shaking the pan every once in a while. I then cut the carrots into smaller pieces, and drizzled a little honey and local parsley over the top. Serve now.

It was very tasty and I suppose it could even be made with 'normal' carrots & radishes.

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