Saturday, April 12, 2014

A restaurant review...

I don't normally do reviews, but I want to review my dinner the other night. 

This is about The Greene House, a Sam Fox restaurant concept located in Kierland Commons in Scottsdale. I met the mrs here during the past week for a quick dinner before a lacrosse game. 

If you live anywhere in the Valley, you know of Sam Fox. His restaurants are everywhere and usually are above average in the service and food that is served. I have said many times "Can't we just go to a non-Sam Fox restaurant for once." 

I don't actually remember all that we ordered, except for my entree. I had a nice IPA and then ordered the bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin. I wanted to get this as I have made this several times before. It was tasty and was served with cheesy scalloped potatoes, Brussels sprouts and mushrooms. 
The pork and potatoes were great, but as I was eating I noticed that it had probably 1 Brussel sprout that was cooked, cut up, and sprinkled around. Also the mushrooms were rather hard to find as well. 

I really found it hard to believe that there was so little veggies on the plate. To list Brussels and mushrooms on the menu implies to me that they should be more than a garnish. 

Maybe we should have gone to a healthier Sam Fox restaurant, but I'm guessing that you all can understand my bitch with this plate. I think that I will have to order a salad next time if I want to get some veggies in... Later until next time. 

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