Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Grill Improvising

I can't believe that I did it again! I ran out of propane. 
And as usual, it happens when the food isn't done yet. 
As a guy that grills often, you might think that I would check the gas once in a while.
But I don't, and it usually gets me when I least expect it. I start the grill, it gets hot then
I throw on some pork tenderloins in this case, and go inside for a bit. It is around 100° 
and I can't just stand out there watching the grill. Then I go back to check the meat only to find that the fire is out. 
This has forced me to figure out how to finish cooking food that isn't done yet. In this case
I brought in the tenderloins and put them into the oven that was already roasting some 
peppers, onions and baked potatoes.

Dinner turned out fine if maybe delayed a little bit.

Update: A couple of days later, I had just turned on the grill just as a monsoon storm started moving in. I even found a rain jacket to battle the elements, but it became impossible as the wind and rain became dangerous. Time to use the grill pan indoors.

After the storm passed, we found a large limb down, a small lake and a wet owl that I spotted in a tree. 
Does anyone else have these problems or I am the only one dumb enough not to check on the gas tank?
By the way, my cool cement blocks are from Touvlo.

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