Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Secret Behind the Pic

This is a little behind the scenes information about a recent dinner pic that I posted on Instagram. 

2 weeks back I made dinner on a Sunday. Grilled salmon and Fava Beans salad with Fennel and Radish. It got the most likes that I have ever received for a food pic, but there is a little secret behind this photo. 
The right side of the salmon is cut from a larger fillet and not very attractive. I had grilled several skin-on fillets and after they were done, I cut them into serving sizes. This left a ragged edge as a cooked piece doesn't cut very well. Well, I used this salad to just kind of cozy up next to the salmon and cover it up. Secret revealed!

Now I had read about this salad on La Fuji Mama's blog. She had mentioned it in her recipe for chocolate pots de creme as yet another snowstorm swept through her neighborhood. I'm thinking that she is quite ready for spring to arrive and is dreaming of some Springtime recipes. This is from the April issue of Cooking Light...

This salad uses fava beans which are in season right now and I had just bought some at the farmers market the day before. I really enjoy them, but they are a bit of a pain to prepare. 
First, they must be taken from there shells. I used my vegetable peeler to take a thin strip from each pod. This makes it easier to get them out of there. Then the beans are blanched in boiling water for 20 seconds and dropped into an ice bath. Now they are ready to lose their shells. 
A little pinch to open the shell and they squeeze right out. Probably 20 minutes of work to get about a cup of favas ready to use. Next I assembled the rest of the ingredients. 
I went out to my garden and picked a bit of wild arugula (with an adult beverage as I tend to cook this way).
Fennel, i'itoi onions, radishes, walnut pieces and Romano cheese were readied along with a lemon for the dressing. I pan toasted the walnuts and used my mandolin to shave the fennel and radishes into thin slices. Once all this is ready, just a simple lemon vinaigrette is whisked together and tossed with the salad. Top with the walnuts and serve. Relatively simple and fresh, it went very well with the grilled salmon (and covers up my not so photogenic piece of fish). 
I'm thinking that I will make it again soon as Spring seems to be fading fast here in Phoenix. We are going to have our first 90° + day today. Ugh, summer is just around the corner I fear!

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  1. Picking vegetables in the garden with an adult beverage in hand...that's what I'm talking about! There's not a damn thing wrong with hiding the rough edges of a meal. Food stylists do worse, I'm sure.