Monday, September 18, 2017

Avocado toast

I've been wondering what I might blog about lately, and then suddenly it came to me...
avocado toast!

with radish, lime, and hot pepper flakes
With radish, lime, and hot pepper flakes.
Avocado toast has become one of favorite breakfasts. Funny as I really didn't like avocados unless they were smashed into a guacamole. But I discovered how good it can be just last year. Since then I have posted over 20 separate ones to my Instagram account. 
My 1st had everything bagel spice & hot pepper flakes.
Everything spice & tomatoes.

Aleppo & lemon.

Sure it is a trendy food right now and Anthony Bourdain once said “I guess it’s good, but I’m not going to get a boner over it.” Sorry that it doesn't excite you Tony, but it seems to me a pretty healthy and easy breakfast option.
With pink lemon and aleppo with tomatoes and kumquats.
With lemon & aleppo.

Another with lemon and aleppo.

As you can see, lemon and aleppo pepper is one of my favorites. But I have tried much more unusual ones like these. The first is with hot pepper jelly and jalapeno powder.

And then honeydew & raw sugar.

The way that I make my avocado toast is usually like this: first get some good bread and toast it. Then drizzle it with some olive oil. Next add your avocado. You can dice it, stylishly slice it, or just mash it up and put it on the toast. Then add your seasonings and some lemon or lime and enjoy! The combinations are pretty endless.
With urfa, maldon, lemon, za'atar, olive oil & various tomatoes.

So go out and give avocado toast a try. I know that you will enjoy it!
With smoked lipstick pepper, pink salt, lemon & arugula.

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