Wednesday, October 22, 2014

A little cabbage side dish

I found myself needing to make a little side dish the other night, so I naturally looked in the fridge for some veggies. I dug around a bit and found this Savoy cabbage that I had bought several days earlier.
Ok, now what to do with this? I didn't want to make slaw or an Asian salad. Hmmm. I wanted to cook with this thing, so I started cutting it up to do a stir fry type dish. 
And I just kept cutting and cutting...
Cutting and more cutting while trying to make bite sized pieces of the thicker parts. I planned to cook these first to make them tender before tossing in the leafier parts. 
 Here it is all prepped along with the seasoning of chopped serrano and green onion. 
I heated up a pan, put some avocado oil in it, and put in the thicker pieces to begin cooking. Season with a little salt.
Some might say avocado oil? I have discovered this at the farmers market, and I now use it for most stir fry recipes. It is a healthy oil with a high heat point. 
At this point I put another pan over the one I was cooking with to try and help the cabbage cook through. 
Next it was time to put the leafier parts of the cabbage in to cook. Stir it around a little and it is time to put in the flavoring.
I put in the chopped serrano and green onions. I like to add flavoring like this right at the end so that these seasonings don't burn. I call it a "flavor bomb". I use it with many different types of cooking. Stir it up until heated through and it is ready to serve. Tonight I put some oven fried chicken tenders over this cabbage stir fry for a nice little dinner. Bon appetito!

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