Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Clean Up

Ok so I have obviously forgotten about my blog. What happened? I don't know except life I guess.

So I am going straight to the worst part of the kitchen, the clean up.

I hate it, you hate it, we all hate it. I even made a big deal about closing my kitchen on Instagram once because I was getting sick about it.

Maybe I thought that if you cook, you don't have to clean up. Maybe I thought that my family would want to help out. Well that is just not true. If you are going to cook, you will have to cleanup. 
Of course this got me several snarky comments from people that I likely deserved. 

I even thought that Charleen of FnB commented that I had better just deal with it, but I couldn't find that in my pictures. 

And then I received the following comment from a Middle Eastern chef that lives in London:


Now I was probably being stupid & pissy about cleaning up but I took this comment to heart. I was not going to let the cleanup determine how I was going to cook. 

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows that I love going to the farmers markets and buying lots of organic produce. I am becoming a Clean eater. I want to know what is going into my pan and where it is from. I have read so many crummy things about the food production industry that it is downright scary to think about. 

So while I have failed in updating my blog, it's not like I haven't been cooking. I've been cooking like crazy. I've even wanted to call myself the #530chef because I get home from work, and then I jump right into the kitchen working on some part of dinner. So of course I have been cleaning like crazy as well. So here are a few cleanup tips I like. 

1. Try and cleanup as you go. Rinse boards, bowls and knives. It can make the final cleanup a bit easier. 
2. Use the dishwasher. Rinse off plates and utensils and put em in. Throw the cutting boards and mixing bowls in. Well just throw the pots and pans in if there is room. Most things these days are dishwasher safe, so just use it to your advantage. 

3. Soak baked on stuff in hot soapy water, but don't just forget about it overnight. Above is a pan that was just left to soak. The grease will be getting all over that knfe and spatula and even all over the sides of the pan. Just use a little muscle and scrub away the baked on stuff.

Well I have scraped the bottom with this post, so I am hoping that I can climb out of this rut and write some interesting posts in the future. Until next time, Hefe out. 

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