Monday, April 1, 2013

A Change of Seasons

As a frequent shopper at farmers markets, one can't help but noticing the change in seasons by the veggies that are for sale. On the Saturday before Easter, this was my experience.

Spring is in the air here in the Southwest. Flowers have been blooming and the desert is alive right now. The birds and bunnies are active around my house. My little garden has been growing as well, especially the heirloom tomato plants.

Tomatoes taking over
Lots of tourists and locals

A fresh green juice because of Poker Night the night before

Flowers anyone?


The changes in seasonal veggies can be subtle in a sea of organic local veggies. The farmers I shop at must have huge fields of beets, radishes, carrots and all other types of veggies as these seem to always be available. There are an amazing amount of different fruits and veggies all grown locally. Must be the mild winter weather here in Phoenix.

It started a few weeks ago with the first asparagus for sale. Then sweet snap peas and artichokes.

Today these fava beans seemed brand new. If you have never had fresh young fava beans I suggest that you do. They won't be around for long. Yes they are labor intensive to prepare, but the reward is well worth it.

And these little strawberries are so sweet... Yum!

Looks like I will be making lots of spring veggie dishes in the very near future.

I got a little glimpse of the next season when I heard a farmer saying how the last few weeks have been ideal for the lettuces but that will change soon as the weather heats up.

So enjoy the fresh produce that spring brings and Happy Easter!

Note:  I ended up making an Easter salad similar to this with snap peas, fava beans and English peas.

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